wildernessCyclops Records cycl056

Chris McMahon – bass & keyboards.
Paul McMahon – guitar & vocals.

With special guests: Sam Carr – drums, Warren Jacques – guitar, Derek Nash – sax & flute, Nick Robinson – guitar, Fredrik Satsuma – guitar & vocals, Gordon Walker – violin & mandolin, Linda Wilson – viola.

I’d played several dates with World Turtle as support act (and later on, as extra guitarist) but I was shocked and delighted when they asked me not just to contribute guitar to the album, but an entire track! I went into their underground studio and laid down several tracks, some whilst hearing the others, some with no reference whatsoever to previous tracks. The looping was my trusty Powertran DDL. Listening back, I suspect the guitar was running through my rockman. Chris then had the envious task of mixing it into some kind of finished product! Whilst it’s a little lacking in structure, it became my first “proper” CD release.

wilderness_bandI also supplied orchestral guitars and possibly even some backing vocals here and there. The recording process was beautifully laid back and I even got a photo of my son on the cover, stood just behind me as we overdubbed in the Garden. He’s now a serious death-metal durmmer, so perhaps I scared him off “proper” music whilst young 😉

Let Go, Heroes, Wilderness Of Eden, The Last Unicorn, Kickback, Queen’s Gambit, Stalemate, Vertigo, The Long Sleep, Rip Van Winkle, Wolf, Wave, Human, One Day.