Vinyl Virgins : Compilation

The first of a series of 4 compilation LPs produced by Steve Taylor (aka Stevlor), then a maverick photographer, still hard at work today. He was managing the Warhols (also on the LP), who I knew through their drummer Nick Barratt, who I was briefly in a band with.

Not the most tasteful of covers (and the kind of thing which prevents people viewing my sites in school!) but a great opportunity to do a solo track.

Credited to Winston N’Gobola (a pseudonym I adopted) this is in effect a long-lost Dig Vis Drill track, since I used Johns drums/keyboard setup to record it, then overdubbed a cassette recording of a 45 I had called “A chat about Rhodesia” where some toff extolled the “flowering jacaranda trees” and how the state was proof that “black and white can get along in harmony”. The final touch was to add unsubtle lead guitar throughout.

Nice to see the Gallery on the album, I still play with Pete Rophone from time to time. All the others are seemingly long gone.

A – A Better Mousetrap – The Road To Kingdom Come / The Warhols – The Otherside / The Gallery – Strange Shore / Into The Storm – State Of Decay  /Slowburner – Black Soul / The Stand – Hate / Dead By Friday -Dead By Friday

B – The Psycho Terrorists – See Right Thru / The Things – Catching Fire / Winston N Gobola – A Chat About Rhodesia  / Cold Vietnam – Rock Stars  / The Australians – Sadie / Blood Oranges – Heavens Gate