After far too many years, I’ve bought a cheap electro acoustic 12 string from Gear4Music. It was on ebay, flagged as damaged, but the actual damage (a tiny crack) was almost to small to see and has no effect on the guitars performance. £65 delivered, it has a 4 band graphic EQ, the action is fantastic, what’s not to like? Well, it doesn’t have a strap button fitted by the neck. I can’t be doing with a strap to the headstock (it must put pressure on the neck?) so will get the drill out and add one myself. Then I need a case, but they should be cheap enough. I may also need to find a suitable capo – mine doesn’t realise that each pair of lower strings are a different thickness, so there’s a tuning issue.

Then I need to harden my finger-tips – there is an old wives tale that pi**ing on them does the trick, but I’ll leave that as a last resort!