As someone who grew became absorbed with music around the birth of progressive rock, there are a few keyboard sounds that I have loved ever since. A Hammond organ, a Fender rhodes and a Mellotron. A few years ago, I bought a Roland Vintage Synth module almost solely because of the mellotron patches (recorded from the real thing).

For years I’ve searched for a decent software emulation that doesn’t cost the earth and just today, I found it!

Made by Artifake Labs it’s not only a wonderful VST plugin, but better than that, it’s totally free! Whilst I’d still love a real one, compare the cost (several thousand pounds) and potential maintenance of the real thing and it’s a complete no-brainer. Here’s a video demo.

It’s now in my plugin rack for Ableton ready to be looped. I look forward to indulging my Crimso tendencies a bit more often from now on 🙂