I recently needed repairs to my old Laney AOR30 combo, which has been gathering cobwebs for several years & rmade contact with an old and dear friend, Alan Walker. His roots go way back to a band Greensleeper, who I saw in the early 70s. As part of the infamous “Alan & Ozzy” duo, they ran Input studios in the 80s, later home of the Comsat Angels & responsible for almost every decent demo made in Sheffield. I’d seen him in his band Rodger over the years (and at a Pink Floyd tribute gig!), but we’d lost contact.

Anyway. He’s now retard errrr retired and running a company called Telemods, who set up guitars and specialise in retro-fitting Roland GK technology. I made some disparaging comments about his website and Bob’s yer Aunty, have redone it in return for some techy help.

Do check his services out, you won’t find a friendlier guy to work with and he knows his onions!

Oh yes, the combo – Alan recommended a local(ish) company called Blueberry Pie run by John Beaty from North Anston. He diagnosed a transformer failure and fitted a new one within a week. It works fine, sounds great and is earning a crust in my new band Muskoka Drive.