John and Nick first shared a bill at the legendary Grapes in 1996 and have performed together in a variety of ad-hic line-ups since. Peter Rophone has been a friend for many decades. Finally, they have embarked on a project named “Seppings” (anyone spotted the reference?) and have released their first album “Cow Corner“, drawn from an extended improv session, partitioned and post-processed by Nick in August ’23.   

Here’s an audio track from our gig at Bishops House in 2023. We also feature on this album.

They have no plans for world domination, just a shared love of improv and a considerable combined time as musicians! All their music is improvised and unstructured, led by intuition, inspiration and responding to each others performance. The mood ebbs & flows…


Nick Robinson : guitars, loops & effects

Nick has a long list of musical outings, including Dig Vis Drill, Typhoon Saturday, They Must Be Russians, the Comsat Angels and more recently with Das Rad. For decades he has played solo looping concerts. This page is part of his site feel free to explore… 

John Jasnoch : bass & effects

John was part of legendary Sheffield 80’s outfit Bass Tone Trap, alongside Martin Archer, with whom he has recently released an duet album. He is also one of Wasp Honey. He has worked with Sonny Simmons, Helmut Lemke and many others.

Peter Rophone : vocals & effects

Peter has a long musical association with Sheffield, stretching back several decades.  Formerly part of The Secret Of Life and The Third Half, he recently released an album as (half of) Rophonic on Discus Music