Had an amazing gig recently at the Lescar in Sheffield, enjoying Rob Luft & Alice Zawadzki. They have played together for quite a time, and the empathy & appreciation for each other clearly shows. The songs featured Alice on vocals and violin and Rob on guitar. He adeptly built up loops during each tune, then improvised fluently and creatively over them. It was an extraordinary lesson for me in modern “jazz guitar” (something I feel on the periphery of in my playing) and I left in total awe of his musicianship. We had a brief chat afterwards and he was totally free of ego. I hear echoes of Metheny in his playing, but he’s just as good (I’ve see both live), with his own voice and a refreshingly creative use of a few core FX pedals. As a looper myself, I admired his tap-dancing & timing!

Rob gave me permission to share one of my videos – the audio not quite hi-fi, but a great memory of a fabulous night. To hear music of this quality in a local pub seems somehow unfair on the artists, who deserve a wider audience. Mind you, we all know for decades that local jazz clubs offer the highest level of musicianship and composition.