Andy "Chickenlegs" Weaver

Andy "Chickenlegs" WeaverJust heard the sad, if not totally unexpected news that Andy “Chicken Legs” Weaver has died. He’d been battling cancer for some time, although last time we spoke, about 3 weeks ago, he was “up” and had plans to play in Sheffield soon. The fact that I heard nothing from him since then spoke volumes. Tragically, Jane Howden, his erstwhile bassist, also died of the same illness a while back. Next time you see someone raising funds for cancer research, dig deep for the memory of these two amazing people.

I knew Andy for a long time – my mate Norton Lees used to play double-bass for him and later Mik Glaisher from the Comsats occupied the drum stool. Andy never had what you’d call real success, despite producing truly extraordinary music, so I was delighted to host & run his website to help things along. I’ve set up a tribute page there, (which will stay online) – please leave your thoughts there if you knew him.

The photo above is one I took for his support gig for the Comsats at the Plug, the last time I heard him play. Farewell Andy!