This Saturday I’m part of an ensemble of guitarists (18 or so) playing the classic “In C”. I know few of the musicians, although Joe Richards from the wonderful Gilmore Trail is amongst them.

We’ve had one rehearsal so far and it’s put some strain on my picking hand – some of the fast triplets require Bob Fripp levels to execute cleanly, so I’m playing a few at half tempo. It’s been a wonderful kick in the pants for me, as I’m trying to follow “proper” music as opposed to tabs. I’ve tried to learn music many times over the years, but never made any serious progress.

I’ve decided to use my electro-nylon to provide some tonal difference and this too has the effect of slowing my playing down. Some are using effects, others clean into a variety of practice-type combos. We have another 2 rehearsal before the show and it’s held in the “Fly Tower” in the former Abbeydale Cinema (where I used to go as a child). The building is run by a trust who are struggling to have the owner carry out essential repairs to the roof. It can be an amazing arts centre and needs our full support.

Tickets here (if you’re quick) although we hope  video will be shot.