Red Zoo

Back in the 80s, I joined a band called Active Gliders, who arose from the ashes of Veiled Threat. Rapidly renaming ourselves Red Zoo. We snagged had a deal with Polydor under the Typhoon Saturday name and released 3 singles to minimal success. With the help of google, I managed to track down the original line-up and invited them to a get-together. Sadly vocalist Elaine McLeod was the only one prepared to properly commit, so we kept looking.

We found a new rhythm section (the fabulous Short Brothers Jon & Nic) and are relaunching our quest for pop stardom! Or something. As well as some of the  “classics”, we’re writing new material and looking to gig.

After 40 years….

Amazing gig last night with Reyt Against Machine, Treebeard and Krapwerk. Our first proper outing in 40 years. We look forward to finding more gigs

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Red Zoo rehearsals

We’re just itching to get playing together again, although there seems no end in sight any day soon. Here’s a (drum heavy!) recording of “Believe

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We’ve unearthed the old Typhoon Saturday classic B side “Fascination” and stripped it back for the duo 😉 Here’s the original, will upload the new

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At the Zoo

We were joined at today’s rehearsal by all round good bloke Martyn Bailey. He likes his cameras and took some photos.

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Happy Birthday Elaine

Readers will no doubt be enjoying the earth-shattering news that Red Zoo have reformed (albeit with “new” bassist Max). Well, it’s singer Elaine’s birthday today,

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Red Zoo live! Yes!

At my recent 60th birthday celebrations (organised in secret by my my family) my band from the 80s, Red Zoo, finally lugged our zimmer frames

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