Today it’s been moving forwards (some days it actually moves backwards). Hopefully, it will at some point replace my FCB1010, which is simply too bulky, and control my live laptop looping. However, at this point in time, I’m focusing on controlling my faithful EDP.

I solved the problem of the EDP requiring a “long press” to clear the current loop (with help from the arduino forum) by detecting not just when I trod on the pedal, but when I released it, only sending “note off” at that point.

Giddy with success, I’ve added anther footswitch to control the feedback level, alternating between 127 (i.e. 100%) and 100, which is a level I find covers most scenarios (I could add a “knob” to set this level). The display shows the level of feedback and for good measure, I added an LED to show when the loop is fading away, since I’m bound to forget.

Yes, it looks like a complete dogs dinner, but I’ve drawn up plans for an acrylic case, which I’m going to laser-cut at Access Space in town at some point.

I need to find a name for the beast, such as Randolf Arriola has with his “oopah loopah”, maybe “rock’n’troller”?.