On Thursday 21/09/23 Das Rad played a gig at the Fly Tower, part of the Abbeydale Picture House. Kind of meaningful, since I used to go there in the 60s to watch movies! The venue is an extraordinary place, 4 stories high behind the main screen of the cinema. It's run by CADS who are working hard to preserve the building and ensure it has a meaningful future - please support them. We brought in Jez Triple Clegg who provided some amazing oil-wheel lighting, our old pal Chris McMahon did the sound and Mark Fuller (-Carp) handled the door with his customary aplomb. Support was ably provided by Åyusp with their take on synth-based electronica. We video'd the event and are checking the footage to see what we can share.

We played tracks from our albums (Lutraphobia, Starvation Hound, Confiture, Kingdom Fall, Tenser and Mauger Hay) as well as an extended improv piece. With 4 albums and an EP to choose from, it wasn't easy to decide what to play!

We were joined at the end by fellow Discus Music artist Peter Rophone, to add vocals to the track for which he sang on the album. The atmosphere, lighting and presence of so many good friends turned it into a very special event for us. The gig was sold out and apologies to any who missed out, but the venue has a legal capacity.

Photos provided by Kathy Dinsdale (aka the "Merch Bitch"!), Simon Robinson, Daisy Robinson and Aidan Hall.

fly sq