I’m quite happy with Ableton’s built in looper, it will do almost everything I need/want, but there’s no way to do quantise replace, which I feel will take my performances further, offering Bill Walker style poly-rhythms. So, I’ve had yet another look at Mobius and am determined to get past the initial “how the f**k do I do that” phase and move to the “wow, it can do that!” stage.

With a little help from my friends, I’ve got it to a basic stage of functionality and the learning curve is slowly beginning to level out. I’m surprised there’s no central repository of scripts (the feature that gives it almost limitless expandability) but I know that developing a product like this must take so much time, with little left over for extending the website, adding resources etc. I hope I can use the forum for adding tips.

My biggest frustration is the GUI, which although customiseable to a degree, is still bulky and doesn’t fit with modern windows expectations. My button “click here for the mobius window” simply doesn’t work, so I have to use the mouse or alt/tab to select it. Maybe it can be selected via midi, that would be handy. That said, the possibilities of the program mean I’ll happy to live with this.

Here’s a wonderful example of Mobius in action by master-looper Per Boyson and it’s all so inspiring! I’ve sent a small donation to the creator and urge you all to do the same if you use this free software.