In my struggle to find a fully-featured midi footpedal that is smaller than my FCB1010, I’ve been using a Rolls midi pedal and using midi-ox to covert the incoming program changes into control or note values with which to control ableton. However, the interface for editing it is a real pain and the map OXM files weren’t easily editable.

imagine my delight when I discovered you can save OXM mapping files as TXM (you have to add the extension yourself) so they become plain ascii files that you can edit in a text editor. In order to create a series of drop-down values of PC and Ctl, I loaded it into excel and “dragged down” to increment the values. Save back as a comma delimited text file, Bob’s your Aunty 😉

For example


There’s a sample TXM file in the map folder to get you started. Not a huge leap for mankind, but a great time-saving feature of the software I was unaware of.