Meson : Thermodynamic Horizon

Bo Meson says “The main artwork here is by the brilliant Adam Scott Miller who I discovered, after writing the lyrics, had a piece with the same title and which fitted perfectly the storyline mood I was aiming for! The experience of Samadhi, of the reciprocal oneness of self and world, observer and observed. The inclusive generative one-movement of consciousness from the transcendent perspective within spacetime, without spacetime, as the creator and created. The human’s alchemical-engine wheels of awareness receiving, translating and generating the energy continuum from which the world arises. The central eye’s focus aligns with the thermodynamic horizon, the liminal line where energy moves centripetally (nothing lasts) beyond into the essential dimension (nothing is lost). This synchrony between one and all is the bliss of awakening to which all wisdom traditions aim.”

Released March 3, 2011

The sonic artists involved were: Bo Meson / Charles Chaplin / Hocus Wilberforce / Katharine Hepburn / Nick Robinson / Rob Tarana / Wezz Booth

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