I’ve been using a pedal on my FCB1010 to control the speed (ie pitch) of the loop, but it requires attention to the speed to create a smooth effect (of course, I love erratic shifts as well!) But lazing in bed I had an idea and bu**er me, it works!

You simply create an (empty) audio clip on the same track as the looper, then open the envelope window for it, select looper / speed then draw in the envelope. Triggering the clip then performs the action. This can be smooth or not, as you wish – you can even have it jump up and down by fixed note gaps. If the loop is a seamless single note, this in effect creates a pitch-shiftable drone.

I’ve set up 1, 2 & 3 octave drops/rises and one also fades up reverb length & level (using the same principle) – this gives a slow drop of 3 octaves as the reverb effect deepens. I also set a “looper off” signal to the envelopes so when it’s dropped, it stops & the reverb shimmers on – nicccce.

The envelope technique allows you to preset all kinds of dramatic effects, occurring simultaneously and in far greater depth than using both hands and feet!

I’ve been inspired to make a video tutorial. It’s taken the best part of 4 hours to get it done (and the quality sucks) but hopefully they will become quicker, better and easier to make with practice. I’ve used SMRecorder – advice on better (free) software appreciated!