Andy Butler a UK looping guitarist, echoplexer & vortexer extraordinaire!
AmbientLive musical co-operative promoting prog/ambient/looping music
Bernhard Wagner a fellow looper and provider of samples for a forthcoming joint project
Bill Nelson I’ve been a fan for over 30 years…
Chain Tape Collective an wonderful outlet for original music – I’ve got a track under “speeches”
Darkroom beautiful looping duo
David Cooper Orton some of his work is extraordinarily close to my own – poor soul
David Torn the main man….
Dig Vis Drill my anarchic band frmo the 80s
Haze / World Turtle my musical collaborator on many projects
Looping forum a forum I’ve set up to chat about loops 😉
Loopers Delight number one site for loopers of all kinds – huge amounts of info
Stephen Scott Norwich based looper making music of great beauty
Simeon Harris “textural” guitarist with gear to make you drool 😉
Techy links
Bug Brand Tom Bugs’ amazing audio devices!
Behringers FCB page The offical site, manuals, specs etc.
FCB PC Editor Ed Dixon’s graphical FCB interface. If you don’t have the stompbox extension, I’d use this.
GORDIUS midi devices Amongst other things, an extension module to turn your FCB into a unit with a midi brain the size of a planet! They also do alternative pedal units.
Ripwerks FCB editor Mike Riley’s Java based interface. Supports Macs and allows full control of the Uno facilities – Use this is you’re a Uno user.
Uno chip You can buy the chip from here, at a rock-bottom price. Other sites sell it, but this is the guy who wrote it, so buy from here. Those who can burn eeproms can get it for free!
Yahoo FCB group Huge amounts of information, files, hints & tips – a superb resource
Yahoo FCB Uno group For those who have or wish to upgrade to the extended features offered by the Uno firmware. I can’t recommend the upgrade highly enough.