As a former professional guitarist with rock, acoustic and indie bands, I’ve been playing for over 40 years. I’ve been teaching guitar for much of that time, including adult education classes and private one to one guitar lessons classes. Students have been of all ages. I’ve worked in education for most of my life and have a Post-graduate Certificate in Education, which allows me to provide structured learning at a level suited to the individual student. My classes are fun, but you get plenty of value for money!

I don’t “do” formal music reading, but encourage all students to at least learn “tab”, opening up a huge online resource of music in all styles. I can cover a wide variety of styles and approaches, including chords, inversions, efficient changes from one shape to another, barres, strumming, palm muting, fingering alternatives, finger-picking, soloing, improvisation, dynamics, harmonics, fretting technique, plectrum styles, alternate tuning and much more.

I have an extensive knowledge of amps and effects and can show you how to get the best out of your equipment. I can also advise on upgrading your equipment. I produce a lot of my music using computers and can show you Ableton Live, using VSTs, sequencing, audio sampling, editing, restoration and mastering. In short, everything you need to create music on your PC.

I’m happy to cover most styles of playing; rock, folk, punk, goth, indie, blues etc. including both acoustic and electric format. I create individual lessons to suit each students and provide printouts of exercises, chords etc and online video URLs for further reference.

Lessons are given either at my house in Sheffield S8 or online and cost £15 for half an hour or £20.00 for a full hour.

You can hear my more experimental playing and discography elsewhere on this site. For some current videos of my playing within various different genres, please check out my youtube channel.