My Das Rad band-mate Martin Archer has released several CDs with Julie Tippetts, aka Julie Driscoll of “Wheels On Fire” fame. Some years ago (these things take time!) I was asked to send over a couple of short, acoustic pieces for them to work with. Today I heard initial mixes of the tracks (“Sword Swallower” and “Big Cat Tamer”) and they are amazing!

It never ceases to amaze me where different musical minds can “take” a piece – what was a bare, stripped back guitar composition now has amazing vocals and a subtle “jazz” feel not dissimilar to Joni Mitchell. Martin plans to add a string quartet – I cannot wait to hear the results. The CD should be out some time next year, but it will be worth waiting for!

Any musician wants to play with respected artists and it’s taken me a while (cough), but I feel I may now have achieved my dream thanks to Martin’s faith & trust. Long may it continue.