Still struggling to find cheap enclosures, I’ve adapted an old arduino midi pedal to work around the key issues for using the HX in my band. These are:

1) quick access to 3 snapshots (accessing these involves several taps & pressing two pedals at once). Snapshots are setting for a given patch so you can adjust parameters (not effects) and save up 4 snapshots. For example, you can have a dry snap, one with some reverb, one with more reverb and 1 with delay on. The sky really is the limit and it makes it hugely functional live. My shots are called dry / moist / wet since they generally control the depth of the sound.

Snapshot MIDI CC# Value
1             69       000
2             69       001
3             69       002

2) dedicated stop button for the looper – otherwise, you must switch from record to play and then double click to stop – a nightmare when you’re trying to create tight loops. I also like to capture chord loops when playing, so bring in later for any solo section, so I can now go from record to stop instantly.

I might use this code with a 5 way switch at some point, to access the 4th snapshot (which I’m thinking could be boosted for soloing)

Happy to share the arduino code, just ask