A looper’s issue

When you clear the loop in 1 sw block, you get a short (but very annoying) burst of loop before it’s erased. There is no midi command to erase the loop (boo hiss).  You can have a volume pedal after the loop block, but it’s a lot of real estate for a simple feature.

Alternatively, you can plug a mono cable footswitch (easy enough to knock up, but it must be latching) into EXP2 and set that to toggle the output volume either full or zero. So you then mute the sound while you clear the loop, then unmute it.

It’s a shame to lose a block for this simple purpose, but there’s no “mute” option otherwise, unless you know better?

However, before you try this, I’ve found a much simpler solution – have an adjacent preset with either no looper or the 6 sw looper – switching to that preset clears the loop. So to clear, you exit stomp mode, change presets, change back, then re-enter stomp mode – relatively quick, painless & silent 😉