Yesterday, I got together with Martin Archer & Mick Beck to play some live music as a mark of respect for the imminent closure of  Rare & Racy – a gem of a book & record shop in central Sheffield, being compulsorily closed & demolished (along with the block) to make way for a commercial development.

I’ve been shopping there in the mid 70s (well, browsing and listening mostly) and have lost count of the times I’ve asked “what’s that you’re playing it’s great”! People have traveled to Sheffield from far and wide on the reputation of the shop. Whilst most Cities would be delighted to boast such an amazing attraction, Sheffield Council are happy to kiss it goodbye, to join the pantheon of old buildings lost to us. We will be so much the poorer for the loss of it

Thanks to Allen Capes & the staff for changing so many people’s lives for the better…

And here’s a rough & Ready mash-up video of the day….