I am (re)starting a vox /acoustic loopy duo and decided if we were going to play summer fetes(!) etc. then the laptop was OTT and probably impossible to see in the sun. I had my EDP gathering dust in the attic so down it came. Bit of a learning curve since I haven’t used it for some years, but I’m loving the fact that there are so few distractions to using it, although some browing of the manual is required, since it’s feature set goes deeper than most people would ever need or want!

I’ve knocked up a controller using a few switches & resistors (a wonderful feature of the original) but may need to resurrect my midi based custom controller, since you can’t otherwise easily access reverse and half speed at the same time. It’s time I started work on mark 2 and tidy up the wiring, but I’ll need to get my hear around multiplexing in order to add more lights, since I need more pins than the arduino offers.