Dig Vis Drill : Cranking Up Religion 12″ : Native Records
Our first (and as it happens, last) proper release on Kevin Donohue’s Doncaster based Native records. Fellow stablemates included They Must be Russians (with Nick also on guitar!), the Screaming Trees and punk-poet Henry Normal. The cover was shot by Nick in the cellar of our Machon Bank home, with Phil relishing the chance to dress up as a vicar. Designed to excite the nerves of most who saw it, the powder used was Vim and it wasn’t actually injected. We promoted it by burning a fake crucifix in the centre of town and conveniently getting arrested for your troubles, generating plenty of publicity. The tracks were recorded in Rotherham at the Jive Bunny studios. Yes indeed.

Cranking Up Religion / Fix The Kitchen / I’m Hip I’m Vain
Dig Vis Drill : Performing Humans EP : Jabberwok Records 002
I can’t remember how this one came to pass, the label seems to have been part of Fragment records. Oggy probably made contact during his tireless work promoting the band. The other bands I don’t know. Our track “Fix the Kitchen”, is the same as on the 12″ on Native, recorded 1985 at the Music factory, Rotherham.

A recent google turned up another Jabberwok release I didn’t know about; The Great Difficult Music Swindle. Jabberwok. C70. 1985. Now deleted. Tracks by Moisten Before, Omming For Woks, A.Skenden, Dig Vis Drill, Departure and The Strolling Ones. Presumably the same track as the EP.

Film Polski “Brothers of head” / The Monotony Commission “Throwing the Owl downstairs” / Omming for Woks “Give yourself a chance” / Dig Vis Drill “Fix the Kitchen”

Year One – The Best Of Premonition Tapes (So Far) : Premonition Tapes Prem 27
Compiled by DVD flatmate Paul J. Mills

This tape represented the most popular material so far released on the Premonition Tapes label since its birth (up to and including May 1988).

Premonition – Escapegoat / Noseflutes, The* – Leg Full Of Alcohol (Live) / Pulp – Maureen / Toffee Apple Forest, – The Journey Into Outer Space / Attrition – Take Five / Six, The – Pave The Way / Pick Meter And Mike Keane – In Your Eyes / Nihilistics, The – Breathing Space / Dig Vis Drill – Fix The Kitchen (Original Version) / Psychoterrorists, The – See Right Thru / Ambrose Reynolds – Miners Strike / Gallery, The – Shimmering With Light / Venus Fly Trap, The – Catalyst / Bland, The – Bang / Death Trash – Disciples Of Sleaze / Tools You Can Trust – Brace Yourself For Higher Standards

Various – Systembeat : 1 In 12 Records
A compilation LP released in 1985, featuring an early version of Fix the Kitchen, before Nick joined the band.

Indiscriminate Hoax Fund – Bulkhead / A-Witness – Camera / Effect, The – No Place / Spectre – Ideal Home / Blood Brothers, The – We Steal / Big Flame – Debra / In-Stinks, The – My Mama’s Dead / GodDog – Mood Music For A British Empire / Citron Girls – How I Made A Million $ By Leading Two And A Half Lives For The F.B.I. / Category “A” – Assassination / Men From The Mountains, The – Trembling / Dig Vis Drill – I’m Hip, I’m Vain / Dik Dik Dimorphic – In Egypt / Vegetable Section – Fruitcake Jake / Sinister Cleaners, The – Rise Up / Son Of Sam – Charmaigne

Various – Fugitive Pieces : Jabberwok Cassettes COPY 009
A pre-Nick instrumental track recorded in the Bedroom Studio, owing more to Pink Floyd than many post-puk bands dared. Copies seem to have escaped onto other sites.

Bushido  – False Prophets: False Profits (Concrete Mix) / Strolling Ones, The  – Return Of The Calamitous Wart / Wackenhut Corporation, The*  – Out Of The Bath (The Girl Knocks On My Door) / Creation Room, The  – Farewell To The Possessed / Satyr (3)  – A Personal Fantasy (Live ’83) / Josh & Jon At The Junkyard  – Forces Of Evil / Dig Vis Drill  – Diamonds Of The Night / Omming For Woks  – Gigolo 312 / Film Polski  – President Christ / Robin Burnout  – Auto-suggestion (Excerpt) / Simon Batley  – Out / Terrorplan  – Total Waste / Fnords, The  – Keep Your Emotions Down (Excerpt) / Same, The  – My First Ride In A Metro

Beats Working For A Living (compilation) : NLAPJCD02
A must-have book for anyone even remotely interested in the Sheffield scene from 73-83, superbly chronicled by the man who was there, Martin Lilleker. Full of fascinating stories, throughout which I weave in and out. Dig Vis Drill get a chapter to themselves and our “Fix the Kitchen” was on the accompanying free CD. We shall not see their like again.

Artery (including Into The Garden), Chakk, They Must Be Russians, The Comsat Angels, 2.3, Vena Cava, Vice Versa, Pulp, Mau Maus, Disease, Hula, The Negatives, I’m So Hollow, The Extras, In The Nursery, Graph, Stunt Kites, Dig Vis Drill, The Box, Artery, I’m So Hollow and The Past 7 Days.