Shutter Clutter : Compilation

Mighty Sheffield Records – COM 004

An album released in 1990. Label boss Steve Stevlor (featured on the cover!) was a friend and invited me to contribute.

Chris McMahon and I made this track for a soundtrack album for a photo-art exhibition. We went under the name 736.9, which as any fule kno, is the Dewey decimal code for origami books.

Down in the cellar of the Haze studios, we produced a suitably avant-garde soundscape based round a tiny loop of guitar.

Stinging Jellyfish – Cupid Is Dead
The Gallery – My Ruin
Media Premonition – Acid Casualty
Loony Tunes – The Lost Revolution
Rise – Blue Murder
Poisonous Little Creatures – Entryhead
The Warhols – Candytown
World Hum – Selling The Cocaine Life
The Gallery – Time
736.9 – Jung
Rise – Shutter Clutter
The Big Pants – The Toilet Is Your Only Friend