seppings – Cow Corner


This is a new project “seppings” where I play alongside the estimable John Jasnoch and Peter Rophone. We’ve played alongside each other for 20+ years in a variety of improv situations and like all good partnerships, it’s based on trust & intuition.

John plays bass through a variety of pedals and I do my thing with looped guitar & processing. Peter supplies vocals, through a box of tricks. The music was drawn from a stereo recording of an extended improv session in John’s studio, partitioned and post-processed by Nick in August ’23.

This album has been released on Bandcamp, although with the sheer volume of “competition”, people may be unlikely to stumble on it! We intend to “hit the road” soon (gig offers welcomed), the waiting world must surely be trembling….

Bandcamp – Cow Corner by Seppings