Fiskum : Darkness / Fire / Dancing


Fiskum is a musician from Minneapolis, who writes songs for people who can’t write songs for themselves. Simon Husbands, who produced the album (and plays keyboards) is an old friend of mine from when he lived in Nottingham and played with a drummer called Ben Ross, who I later hooked up with. We’ve kept in touch as he went to the States, scored a top 10 US hit with his band Blue Train, then opened his own studio. He’d been struggling to finish off one of the songs from this album and asked me to mail him some guitar tracks. They liked them and so I ended up on the official release.

The track is called “Winter Moon”, but the song was sung in Welsh by a female singer. Can’t quite work that one out, but I do like the song and got to do some nice chiming guitar, and a solo! Coo-er. Hopefully this would open the floodgates (it didn’t!) and I’ll be in “demand” before I know it. Have a listen…