Company Classics #3

The third and last in a series of home-spun cassettes, produced by Ian Spence and Sian Evans of the “Little Fishes”. Quite an amazing set of bands – shame it was pre CD quality. The Diggies track was from just before I joined them, although I was in the band when it came out. T’was recorded, as ever, in John’s bedroom studio. I was also “Andre N’Gobola”, for reasons I shan’t go into, offering an acoustic piece I recorded late one night in Radio Sheffield when no-one was around.

House of Colour were exciting and ahead of their time – Nick wossname sporting a telecaster way before they were trendy. Treehouse was Mick from Artery and probably the best track on the cassette – a stonking piece about firemen. Martin Lilleker and the Wealthy Texans were already living legends, freely sampling cows without getting release permission. Pulp were still a long way short of fame and fortune, The Gallery featured Pete Rophone – still active in the Sheffield scene today at the age of 67. The Peter Cushings I didn’t know, but if they couldn’t even spell “Igor”, what hope was there for them?

The cassette sides had no label but were identified by a coloured sticker – a nice DIY touch.

Yellow Side
Dig Vis Drill – America The Monster
House Of Colour – Little World View
Treehouse -Firemen
The Wealthy Texans – Cattle
The Peter Cushings – Egor
Andre N’gobbola – Prelude In A Minor
The Total Institution – Lament

Green Side
Pulp – Coy Mistress & I Want You
The Gallery – Constantine
Giant – I Want You
3’s A Crowd – Viscous Cabaret
The Crop – The Silk Trail
I.V.E. – Secrets
Little Fishes – Secret Meeting