The second in a series of home-spun cassettes, produced by Ian Spence and Sian Evans of the “Little Fishes”. Quite an amazing set of bands – shame it was pre CD quality. The Diggies track was recorded, as ever, in John’s bedroom studio.

Martin Lilleker and the Wealthy Texans were already living legends and The Gallery featured Pete Rophone, still busy today. Touch was the renamed “Silent Running”, with a twee song of my own.

The cassette sides had no label but were identified by a coloured sticker – a nice DIY touch.

Red Side
Apocalype Jive – Fall Of The Hammer
A Million Others – The Exception
Dig Vis Drill – I’m Hip I’m Vain
The Gallery – Refuge
The Wealthy Texans – Smoky In Here
The Crop – Breaking The Oath

Blue Side
Bamboo – Back To You
Touch – Don’t Stay
The Unholy Three – When Dreams Turn
I.V.E. – Haircut Off
Alice Goes Pop! – Rachel Smiles
Cedar Point Ohio 1952 – Mr. Lollipop