Combat Astronomy : Symmetry Through Collapse


I‘m delighted to appear on this album by Combat Astronomy “Symmetry Through Collapse” (on the tracks “Kyber” & “Hik Mahl Hisze”) released by Discus Music.

It’s fascinating to hear the finished results of an Archer production, since I contributed at an early stage (pre-vocals, courtesy of Dalila Kayros) so you never quite know how your performance will be used.

The results are dark and dense – it’s safe to say this is challenging music (my metalhead son has just been driven out of the room!) but who wants to play it safe??

Dalila Kayros has a burgeoning career in the Italian avant garde and is also one quarter of blistering avant metal outfit SYK. She joins forces with a core team of Huggett, Archer and Fairclough in what is a seamless explosion of creative energies. Kayros is unique: perhaps comparisons can be drawn to Dimitri Stratos, Bjork, Diamonda Galas – but these do little to describe the tremendous palette of approaches and searing performances on this disc.