Carla Diratz & The Archers of Sorrow – Blue Stitches


I had fun working on Carla’s previous album and was delighted that we’ve made a follow-up. The state of the world dictated that it would have to be a blues album. Immediately we had our brief for a new record. Each of us had out own take on this idea. Carla sent in four jazz infected pieces for voice and keys which were recorded on her phone. I came up with a sequence of progressive blues rock pieces for the band. And Martin came up with a few little odds and ends with his own leftfield take on the format.

Always a pleasure to hobnob with talented musicians and these guys are amazing…

Carla Diratz – voice, keyboard
Martin Archer – saxophones, clarinets, keyboards, electronics
Nick Robinson – guitars
Adam Fairhall – organ, electric piano
Dave Sturt – bass guitar
Adam Fairclough – drums
Charlotte Keeffe – trumpet

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