performing_sleeveJabberwok Records 002

I can’t remember how this one came to pass, the label seems to have been part of Fragment records. Oggy probably made contact during his tireless work promoting the band. The other bands I don’t know. Our track “Fix the Kitchen”, is the same as on the 12″ on Native, recorded 1985 at the Music factory, Rotherham.

A recent google turned up another Jabberwok release I didn’t know about; The Great Difficult Music Swindle. Jabberwok. C70. 1985. Now deleted. Tracks by Moisten Before, Omming For Woks, A.Skenden, Dig Vis Drill, Departure and The Strolling Ones. Presumably the same track as the EP.

performing_labelFilm Polski “Brothers of head” / The Monotony Commission “Throwing the Owl downstairs” / Omming for Woks “Give yourself a chance” / Dig Vis Drill “Fix the Kitchen”

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