It’s no secret that I’m a massive fan of David Torn, having been introduced to him in the 80s by my old band-mate Stephen Fellows during my (all too) brief tenure in the Comsat Angels.

I’ve just bought David’s latest (download only) offering, a collection of solo guitar pieces that are both inspired and inspiring, evocative, thoughtful, just exactly what I need to push me forwards as a musician. There’s a video of him talking through it which I found fascinating. You can buy the album here.

The photo is (sadly) the only time I’ve seen DT, at Leeds in 2008, complete with Davy Crockett hat. Afterwards, I asked a few seriously dumb muso questions, such as “do all those chords have a name” (Answer “I’m afraid so”) and presented him with a (signed!) copy of my Adult Origami book – unbelievably, he said he already had a copy! 😉