Das Rad

As a prime mover in the Sheffield improv scene, Martin Archer has played with a great number of musicians and is constantly exploring new combinations. In 2016, having played with both Nick Robinson and Steve Dinsdale individually, he put this trio together with the idea of exploring a “motorik” vein. Steve’s relentless drumming (and occasional keyboards) providing a basis for Nick’s guitar motifs / loops and Martin’s soaring woodwind & keyboards to interact and explore the sonic and atmospheric possibilities.

Described in a recent review – “a pure heavenly euphoria, to put simply, astounding. Progressive music in the truest sense of the term, transcending the oft-clichéd sobriquet ‘prog’. They walk in the footsteps of the rock/jazz/fusion gods of the 70s but make their imprints deeper, more unshapely, and longer-lasting. Ears be blown here, folks. Godlike.”

Our third album is now out. Please visit our main site www.dasrad.uk