My son bought me a Boss GT-1 for my 60th, so this is now both my primary tone source as well as providing a USB/audio interface. The amp modelling plugins just weren’t hacking it and were consuming valuable knob-real-estate. A decision not use keyboards live means the midisport was redundant so the old USB /midi interface connects the FCB1010 to the laptop. My 3 USB slots on the lappy are now taken, so any additions will require a powered USB hub.

It gets simpler each time, which is my main aim in life – quicker setup time, less to go wrong. Ableton is pretty stable on the laptop, so it’s just down to remembering what control handles what! Now if only I could build a smaller midi control pedal….

Here’s the previous setup, where I plug the FCB1010 into the Behringer BCR2000 using a midi cable – the output is transparently passed on to a USB socket by the Midisport (which allows me to plug a keyboard in as well). When looping, two banks of the FCB control the loop operations, with the pedals control feedback and pitch of the loop. Another bank toggles FX within ableton and each pedal has seperate continuous controllers for 2 aspects of that effect. The guitar goes through a free amp plugin from Igniteamps). The Launchcontrol XL controls all aspects of ableton.