The CT Collective was started by Michael Klobuchar using cassettes (remember them?) The group members contributed music by mailing a master tape which was distributed to the members as a CD. No one got paid for any of this! I found it a great creative stimulus, creating music to fit the theme and hearing how others interpreted it.

The description for this project was to make a composition that reflects our natural environment or wilderness – things that have not been substantially altered by human intervention.

My track is “Bleaklow” – I had no preconceived idea of the music, except to create a mood. To befit my current status, this turned out fairly dark. The idea is you’re stood as an observer on Bleaklow moor (in Yorkshire), in light rain. The sun emerges, but in the end a storm looms. The guitar element is taken from a gig I played in the open air, combined with an obscure sample from the 60s, slowed way down. Arranged using Ableton live

Available here.