I’ve been using a rolls midi pedal, via midi-ox, to send notes to control the looper device. Works fine. So, I decide to switch to a behringer fcb1010 so I can have two continuous controllers.

I set the fcb up with a variety of CC messages, assuming that would work. Almost, but no! After 30 mins of *really* strange things happening when I pressed record/play, I figured out the problem.

The Ableton looper play button is quite unusual, one click to record, another to play and a double click to stop the loop. It’s now clear that you can’t use a CC message to handle this, it must be note on/off. A quick reprogram using FCB1010_editor_v2.1_java and it works fine. I’m still using CC to look after reverse, clear etc, although the OCD side of me may well decide to use consecutive note messages instead.

The joy of midi! Thought I’d share this in case anyone else was pulling their (grey) hair out 😉