The first in a series of home-spun cassettes, produced by Ian Spence and Sian Evans of the “Little Fishes”. Quite an amazing set of bands – shame it was pre CD quality. I was “Winston” offering an early ambient-ish track that sadly, feature my own vocals. I was also in Silent Running at the time.

The cassette sides had no label, just black faces!

Side 1
Tsa-TsaTsa-Tsa – Billingham’s Island
The New Apostles – Soul Of Iron
The Six Guns – In The Darkness
Apocalypse Jive – The Tempter
Nervosa Sarkoma – Vatican Rap
Winston N’Gobola – Meanwhile

Side 2
Silent Running – Clubland
The Gallery – The Wind From Nowhere
The Unholy Three – Screen
The Scottish Polis Inspectors – Dancing In My Head
The Gift Of Touch – Gold