Chris McMahon Reveals The Truth About Flying Saucers : Cassette

flying_saucers(Chris McMahon – everything, with Warren Jacques, Paul McMahon, Nick Robinson & Jon Grainger – guitar & Alen Shaw – bass) Recorded in anger back in ’89 after the breakup of Haze, side one was the precursor of Von Daniken, side two was mainly covers, with the ill-advised combination of Chris both playing guitar & singing! Here’s the serious wig-out that clsoed the collection, called “Rodents Of Unusual Size” our loving tribute to the likes of Freebird – towards then end each of the guitarists gets 8 bars, then 4, then 2, then a jazz orgasm occurs – see if you can work out who plays what!  😉 Electrick Fish Music i) Gnathonemus Petersii ii) Mathematical Worms iii) Seasoned Rivers iv) Phasers To Stun v) Alien Shore vi) Chopsticks Thru The Neck Pinned Him To His Sushi Bowl vii) Perplectic Eclectic Didactic Dialectic viii) Fish Finger Frenzy a) Terrapin b) Plank’s Ton ix) Ah! That Warm Jazz Tone x) Whelk Song xi) Over The Border xii) Amphibious Aardvarks, Far Over Misty Mountains / Not So Mellow Side: Shot By Both Sides, Wild Dogs, The Liquidator, Lost Johnny, Roger’s House/Gabadon Rap, Seal Cull City, Rodents Of Unusual Size.