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Mik Glaisher, Andy Peake, John Prideaux and Nick Robinson - Jam1B

Just jammin

Some while back, Andy Peake, Mik Glaisher & I were joined by bassist John Prideaux for some Davis-esque jam sessions. It was going places, but

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Pig Vis Drill

Spotted this old Sheffield fanzine on ebay, will see if it goes for a fortune, I don’t remember it from the time.  Those were the

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Harriet track

Here’s “Late Nights”, one of a set of demos I recorded at Phonogram Studios with Harriet Roberts, Jonny Short and Russ Courtenay. I’m particularly happy

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Cloudberry Cake

Is the name of a wonderful blog run by Roque, who has a real passion for obscure indie bands. I discovered it whilst searching for

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