Just solved a niggling problem. I have a track fed though the reverb with a footswitchable “freeze”. However, when that track is monitored and the reverb is unfrozen, the main signal also goes through the reverb, swamping things up. This is OK, but when I mute the freeze track, there’s a sudden loss of reverb.

So, I’ve used another footswitch (via midi) to alternate the track monitor between “in” and “auto”. Thus a decaying reverb on the freeze track will die away naturally, but no fresh signal is sent to it when monitor is on auto.

Making this work took a bit of figuring out, but the answer, as ever turned out to be simple – I altered the CC message (sent via a BCR2000) to switch between values of 0 and 64, since 127 actives the monitor “off” function.

This will no doubt be meaningless to most people, but, I hope, useful to a few ableton/midi nuts out there 😉