So, I have an arduino IR midi controller working, but it only just fitted into the box. So I ordered some smaller versions. The (nano compatible) board arrived and impressed by its tiny size, although I’ll probably need a large magnifying glass to solder anything to it!

First step, connected the “Pro Mini atmega328 Board 5V 16M Arduino Compatible Nano” (£1.38) to the “new version smaller micro FTDI Basic Breakout 5V/3.3V” (£4.09) by adding the pins and making contact using the weight of the interface alone, On the arduino, selected “nano” as board type, uploaded the “blink” sketch, bugger me, it worked, no additional drivers required. The USB charger cable from my phone fitted the rbeakout board perfectly.

Now I need to bite the bullet and start soldering some pins into it. This is where my innate cack-handedness will surely fry at least one of the 2 boards I bought 😉