Mik Glaisher, Andy Peake, John Prideaux and Nick Robinson - Jam1B

I’ve often pondered as to why I never made a success in the music industry. Lack of fashion sense, inability to keep my mouth shut, an earlier obsession with the guitar before the the music, all played their part. But I like to think that the biggest factor is just plain dumb luck ;(

I played with the Comsat Angels (and recorded) for six months in the 80s and was all set to tour the States with them when the record company pulled the finance, insisting the band write some hit singles before coming back to them. It’s a short & sad story, but by the time they toured again, I was no longer involved.

Mik Glaisher, Andy Peake, John Prideaux and Nick Robinson - Jam1B Much more recently, I’d been jamming with Mik, Andy and a superb bassist called John Prideaux. Totally improvised and nrestrainedly jazz rock in the “Billy Cobham” mode, it was sounding, to my ears, pretty darn good. Words cannot explain how inspiring it is to be playing with three such superb musicians!

Then Mik suddenly reached that time in his life when a “man’s gotta” and has decamped to Whitby to settle down as an old drumming sea-dog (or pi**-poor Goth). The end of yet another dream-team ;(

I recorded one session and shot a few low-fi vids on another. Since it’s unlikely to happen again, I thought I’d share some of it, a video on youtub and a longer recording on soundcloud. The latter sounds more coherent to my ears, but then the video is only the second half of an equally long bash.

Good  times (these  were  the)…