My CPU has been hitting 50% and overloading with a full keyboard midi chord. So, I’ve been through the various effects and switched them on/off to determine the power crazed devices. For those, I wanted a simple way of switching the device off, since it takes no CPU power when off. Reducing the mix within the device has no effect on CPU demand.

Most of my effects are within racks and use macro controls to alter the key parameters. So, it was a simple

matter of assigning the same mid command to the device on/off, then setting the new midmap “min” control to 2 or 3. Below that, the device is off, as soon as you rise above that value, the device switches on *and* the control alters the setting that is mapped to that controller. Does that make sense?

Here is the new midimap, with the device on/off mapped and appropriate min/max values set. You can see that the same controller is altering two other parameters.

maponoff01So down in the macro window, you can see that the pan macro not only switches the cut-o-move device on, but maps to 2 other parameters.

Using this on several racks, I’ve reduced CPU rate from 47% to 27% – a perfect result.